Steve’s mission is simple: to bring out the very best in each client that walks
through his fitness studio’s doors,
and have them leave feeling stronger
and better than when they walked in.



+ Nutrition Guidance
+ Workout Programs
+ Lifestyle Coaching

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+ Wellness Days
+ Retreats Seminars
+ Team Building

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+ Conceptual designs
+ Coach recruiting & development
+ Implementation of concepts

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Individual Services:

Nutrition Guidance

A individualized eating program customized to suit
your lifestyle and needs. We will assess current eating
behaviors and from the findings design an aptly
suited program offering choices and menus that suit
your lifestyle and goals. Obviously everyone is
different and generic ‘diets’ cannot work the same for
everyone. Goals ,exercise ,accessibility to equipment,
risk factors and several other key points need to be
analyzed to create the correct eating plan.

Workout Programs

Like the nutrition every individual has personal goals
and criteria and so should the workout regimen. We
will set goals and workout routines and advise
according to each client personal goals and
limitations. Ensuring all the facets are included being
workload, recovery, mindbody and duration of
programming. Remember this is a lifestyle and not
just exercise.

Lifestyle Coaching

A personal psychological approach to the training
and lifestyle, including mental wellness and recovery.
How to stay motivated and focus on your personal
goals and intentions.


Corporate Services:

Wellness Days

Bringing the collective power of the group together to
achieve growth and success in the workplace.
In many cultures the workday begins with the whole
workforce participating in an activity to motivate and
drive productivity We create challenges and
workshops to bring this very important and often
neglected activity to life.
Within this program natural leadership is transparent
as well as the fun factor removing the bounds of
corporate tape allowing your employees to see the
human side of the business and how important each
and every player is to the overall success of the

Retreats Seminars

We can customize a multi day retreat including
location, workouts, lectures and courses and nutrition.
Experts in their fields will be procured as well as chefs
and recovery specialists.
This will change the game for corporate teams and
productivity is guaranteed to improve.

Team Building

This can be in the form of a workout , speaking
engagement or both and include any variables we
decide that would benefit your team to get the
outstanding results we are looking to achieve.


Commercial Services:

Conceptual Designs & Programming

Working with boutique or big box fitness centres to
create and implement new group fitness
Staying relevant and current are some of the leading
factors in the failure and slowing of growth to any
fitness studio or gym chain.
Creative conceptual design and implementation
,including coaching coaches and the experiential
components for new programs.
This space is saturated and being ahead of the curve
is the key to success.

Coach Recruiting & Development

Seeking out and procuring the best candidates in
any element of exercise and wellness.
Assessing strengths and weaknesses and working to
have the best grade of professionals in the industry.
Our systems of talent development are the finest to
ensure all the criteria for both in person and virtual

Implementation of concepts

Once a method or program is developed we will
ensure orientation and implementation of the highest
We have been pioneers and industry leaders for over
three decades globally. From the coaches to the
equipment and programming to the back end we will
ensure a conceptual experience that will be flawless.



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